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Welcome to


I have made 5 Youtube videos for demonstration:

Part0: drawing, editing and saving graphs

Part1: How to draw seperate "connected edges"?

Part2: running, pausing, stepping an algorithm

Part3: Running DDA Algrotihm

Part4: Running Merge Sort Algrotihm


  • I want to draw following edges: A-B and C-D. Is that possible?
    Yes it is possible.
    To draw A-B: Click on A. Click on B.
    To draw C-D: Click on B again to deactivate it. Now click on C and click on D.
  • There is not enough space in "Data Panel".
    Click on the "<>"-button to expand "Data Panel".
  • I don't get response after some interactions.
    Probably you do, but you didn't notice it.
    Just check on the "Error Panel" after current interaction and if you also don't see something here,
    please write a bug report about that. (either in Forum or mail me directly.)

Here you can find step-by-step animations of various algorithms. Currently there are 3 sections (Graph, Geometric, Sorting Algorithms) and 14 algorithm animations, but it will be extended in time. Besides there are separate forums for each sections. You can register as a new user if you want. Registration is not obligatory to use the site but it has minor advantages like saving animation data for future use (e.g. you can save a graph if you want to animate a Graph algorithm later) or posting questions into forum.

On the left you see a review of panels:

Enjoy the videos and if you have further questions you can use the forums below or you can contact me personally via e-mail: